There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a broken furnace during the coldest time of year. Knowing when your furnace is starting to fail can spare you the headache of surprise replacement. Here are a few signs your furnace is dying and should be replaced:

  1. Its age – Furnaces can live for up to 30 years if you’ve invested in quality maintenance. When your furnace is older than 15 years, it’s a good idea to start keeping an eye on it.
  2. Spike in energy costs – Older furnaces won’t burn fuel as efficiently as they used to. If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in your monthly bill, your furnace may be using more energy to produce the same amount of heat.
  3. Strange or loud noises – Most furnaces make noise when running. But loud or strange clanking noises could be a sign a key component is failing.
  4. Weak or spotty heating – Furnaces should provide a steady amount of heat during the colder months. If your furnace is short cycling or a room just won’t stay warm, it might be wise to consider new furnace installation.