October 7, 2019

3 Common Furnace ProblemsFurnace issues can cause you a lot of frustration. When you notice that there is a problem with your system, you need to call in a professional. Here is a brief look at the causes behind three common furnace issues.

1. Some Rooms Have Different Temperatures

Are you noticing that some rooms are colder or warmer than others? There are usually a few reasons for this type of temperature problem. In most cases, it can be tied to an airflow issue. You will want to check all the vents and ducts in your home for any obstructions. Double-check that you have not closed off any vents in your rooms; it can be easy to forget that you have shut off a vent. Clogged filters are another culprit that can cause abnormal temperature fluctuations throughout your home. If all else fails, you might want to check your windows and doors. You can be experiencing air leaks around these areas.

2. Cold Air From the Furnace

Cold air from the furnace is another common issue. Several factors could be causing this problem. You may have low airflow in your home, a faulty thermostat, pilot light issues, or a clogged condensate line. In any case, you should call one of our professional technicians at AC Mechanical, Inc. We can help you pinpoint the issue for your home in Cheyenne.

3. System Turning On and Off

A system that keeps clicking on and off is not a good sign. This problem can be caused by a broken thermostat, an overheating system, or an oversized furnace. This is not an issue for a DIY fix. You’ll need to call a professional technician to handle this issue.

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