October 16, 2020

As the temperatures begin to drop, you’re probably busy with fall activities, like raking and preparing your home for winter. When you switch on your furnace for the first time, you expect that it’s going to work fine this year, because it didn’t have any problems last year.

That might be the case, but you might find yourself without heat during the coldest night of the year. That’s a problem that can, in most cases, be entirely preventable. Your furnace is an intricate piece of equipment with a lot of moving parts. Without regular heating service, you could have an expensive breakdown on your hands and no heat when you need it most.

Your furnace is a complicated piece of equipment that runs on electricity and natural gas. It also has a lot of moving parts that require inspection and lubrication. That’s why most manufacturers require routine service to keep your warranty valid.

Here’s how often AC Mechanical recommends scheduling furnace service in Cheyenne, and what you can expect during this appointment.

What’s Included in Furnace Maintenance?

We recommend homeowners schedule furnace maintenance once a year, typically in the fall before heating season begins. This follows Department of Energy guidelines and gives our technicians time to perform any required repairs. That way, there’s no interruption in your family’s comfort.

While you can do some maintenance on your own, like regularly changing your air filter, it’s important to have a professional AC Mechanical technician perform furnace service. Our fully licensed and certified pros have more than 40 years of combined experience. And as your local Lennox® Premier Dealer™, we’re committed to your total satisfaction.

During your maintenance appointment, our friendly technicians will inspect, test, clean and lubricate all the important components in your furnace. Here are a few other tasks they’ll perform:

  • Check and replace air filter
  • Examine thermostat, startup cycle and safety controls
  • Test, tighten and replace electrical wiring as needed
  • Check that vents and air intakes are working properly and aren’t blocked
  • Test gas pressure and burners
  • Check heat exchanger, blower, blower motor and belts
  • Examine and clean burners, flame sensor and thermocouple
  • Inspect fuel lines for leaks

Keeping up with furnace maintenance can have positive, long-term effects. You’ll be able to maximize your furnace’s efficiency and may even see lower bills. It can also catch problems early, helping you avoid expensive furnace repair and breakdowns. And, most important, regular maintenance may even increase your furnace’s life span.

While furnace maintenance is in-depth, it doesn’t mean it won’t fit your budget. Furnace service cost often varies but check our specials for exclusive discounts and offers. Providing your family with affordable service is our priority at AC Mechanical.

It’s never too late to schedule your furnace service appointment. Contact us at 307-778-0515 to set up yours today!

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