February 11, 2020

Wondering How To Light The Pilot Light on Your Water Heater?

How to Light the Pilot on Water Heater

All water heaters have a pilot light that remains lit and standing at the ready to ignite a larger burner that will ultimately heat the water in your tank. The pilot light must remain lit, otherwise, you’re not going to have any warm water.

Properly functioning water heaters don’t generally have a problem with keeping a pilot light lit; however, there are some cases in which the pilot light can go out. Whether it is attributed to a faulty thermocouple or poor insulation that’s allowed a gusty draft to extinguish your flame, it’s important that you re-light it immediately.

Lighting your pilot involves flames and gas. Needless to say, it requires extreme caution so that you don’t injure yourself or cause profound damage to your home. If you are not confident in your ability to execute this work safely, call in a group of professionals, like those on staff at AC Mechanical, Inc in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The following is a broad overview of how to light the pilot light in your water heater.


Adjust the Gas Regulator Valve Accordingly

Controlling the flow of gas to your water heater is the most important aspect of safely lighting your pilot light. Begin by locating the gas regulator valve and shutting the gas off. Leave it off for five to 10 minutes so that all traces of gas clear away. When you’re ready to light the pilot, turn the valve to “Pilot” mode, which starts the flow of gas once again.


Manually or Automatically Light Your Pilot

Some water heaters are equipped with an electric spark igniter, which allows you to press an ignition button to light the pilot. Other water heaters require manual lighting. With the gas flowing, use a long-stemmed match to reach in and light the pilot burner.

Regardless of how you light the pilot, allow it to burn on the “Pilot” mode for a minute before changing the regulator valve to the “On” setting. Once returned to the “On” position, you should hear the main burners ignite to start warming your water.


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