May 16, 2022

When people think of their HVAC system, they mostly think of heating and cooling. Your furnace, air conditioner or other equipment helps keep your home comfortable. But an effective HVAC system should do much more than that. The condition of your HVAC system can affect your health and reduce indoor air quality.

The friendly, helpful experts at AC Mechanical know you deserve a healthy HVAC system. We’ll share some of the ways your HVAC system can affect your health and what you can do to address potential concerns.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers for Moisture Control

Ideal humidity levels in your home are typically between 30-50%. Both excessive and reduced humidity can affect your health, but in different ways. Humidity control systems like humidifiers and dehumidifiers can help balance indoor moisture levels.

High humidity: When moisture levels are too high your home can feel damp or muggy. It can encourage mold and mildew growth, which damages not just your home but also your health. Moisture can even help spread illness, making you or a member of your family sick.

Low humidity: Excessively dry air is known for drying out your skin, eyes and sinuses. For people with asthma, allergies or other breathing problems, dry air can aggravate your symptoms.

One of the best ways to deal with unbalanced humidity is with a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier. They’re usually placed right next to or even inside your ductwork. As air circulates, moisture is either added or pulled out as needed. Just one system can be enough to balance humidity for your entire home.

Filtration and Ductwork Cleaning for Indoor Air Pollution

Another aspect of indoor air quality is the presence of airborne particles. This could be everything from allergens like pollen and animal dander to viruses and bacteria. When these particles get inside your HVAC system, they can travel to the rest of your home and increase your risk of getting sick. If you suspect there’s something inside your air ducts, professional ductwork cleaning may be useful. With powerful vacuums and sanitizing equipment, cleaners can refresh all the air ducts.

Another option is installing an air filtration system. Some systems use advanced air filters to trap contaminants while others attract them through positively charged particles. There are even UV germicidal lamps that can deactivate microorganisms as they pass by in your ventilation. Quality air filtration can prevent these particles from circulating through your HVAC system in the first place.

Other Benefits of High Indoor Air Quality

  1. Removes foul odors: Many airborne particles carry unpleasant smells, and problems deep in the air ducts can be tough to remove. High indoor air quality should be clean and refreshing for you and your family.
  2. Discourage pests: Bad smells and unchecked mold growth have a way of attracting pests like insects or rodents. Keeping your HVAC system clean will keep these critters from moving in rent-free.
  3. Ensures steady airflow: When enough dust and pet hair clogs up your HVAC system’s air filter, it can force your equipment to work harder. This means more time and energy for the same amount of comfort.
  4. Helps your HVAC system run smoothly: A clean HVAC system works more effectively. This can improve energy efficiency, which means lower monthly bills each month.

AC Mechanical Ensures a Healthy HVAC System

As you can see, a clean HVAC system can positively impact your family’s health while they’re home. If you’re curious about potential indoor air quality solutions, feel free to call AC Mechanical. Our team of friendly experts will be happy to help you find your ideal solution. Give us a call today at 307-778-0515.

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