March 22, 2022

Overview of renovations and why it’s a chance to improve HVAC. Mention two-pronged approach of preparation and keeping things clean during the actual process.

Home remodeling projects are an exciting chance to give one or more sections of your home a much-needed upgrade. But have you ever thought about including your HVAC system in the renovation process? Depending on the scope of the project, new additions or big changes to your home can change its heating and cooling needs.

When you need to design and install additional HVAC equipment for any new construction, call the experts at AC Mechanical. Our new construction HVAC services will ensure you’re choosing the most efficient and cost-effective upgrades. But there’s a lot more you can do both before and during the renovation process. Follow these HVAC tips for home remodeling to keep your heating and cooling in the best possible shape.

Try These HVAC Services and Plan Ahead

Like any home improvement project, there’s a lot of value in thinking ahead. Making preparations before home remodeling can make the process easier to facilitate. Here are a few HVAC tips for planning ahead of a big renovation project:

  • Coordinate with the remodeling team: While the professionals remodeling your home don’t set out to track dirt into the house, it’s a common problem for renovation projects. Outdoor debris can get into your HVAC system, but if you meet with them beforehand, you can plan to have drop cloths and protective shoe coverings.
  • Schedule an inspection or maintenance tune-up: Preventive maintenance for your HVAC system is always a great investment. This includes before home renovation projects, and the technician can recommend possible upgrades or other useful services. If there’s a hidden problem somewhere, it can be resolved before the remodeling process exacerbates things.
  • Consider a home energy audit: Also known as a home energy assessment, this useful service offers a comprehensive overview of how energy efficient your home is. It can pinpoint weak spots, such as an inefficient duct layout as part of a ductwork inspection. They can then suggest improvements, such as ways to implement renewable energy.

Stay on Top of These Tasks During the Remodeling Process

Making preparations beforehand can ensure the remodeling process takes your home’s energy and comfort needs into account. But renovations are still often messy work, and a lot of that can get into your HVAC system. You’ll want to minimize the dust and dirt with adjustments such as:

  • Close your vents and registers, keeping as much work away from them: Construction or demolition kicks up all sorts of messy materials, like sawdust, drywall and more. To keep this stuff from getting into the air ducts, close them tightly and try and minimize the amount of work being done nearby. Ideally the work can be completed outdoors at a safe distance from your home.
  • Try not to run your HVAC system during active work: Smaller renovation projects can often be completed in a few days. If you can manage it, try to keep the HVAC system off while work is in progress. This will minimize the dust getting into the system, which in turn reduces the risk of problems.
  • Clean the workspace and air filters more frequently: Even if you take other precautions, some dust and debris could still slip past. Cleaning the busiest workspaces and checking the air filters can help minimize the cleanup needed at the end of the project while helping improve indoor air quality.

AC Mechanical Makes the Most of Your HVAC System During Renovation

The HVAC professionals at AC Mechanical can help you identify the best ways to improve your HVAC system during home remodeling projects. With these HVAC tips, you can update your home as well as your heating, cooling and even indoor air quality!

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