December 17, 2019

The winter months can be bitterly cold, and your home may not be much of a refuge from the wind and snow if the furnace isn’t working. The good news is that there are many ways that you can stay warm until someone can come to your house and get your furnace running properly again.

How To Keep Warm When Your Furnace Breaks

Start a Fire

If your home has a fireplace, you can generate warmth by starting a fire. However, be sure that your chimney is in good condition and free of creosote before you do so. If your house doesn’t have a fireplace, it may be possible to use an electric heater to provide warmth in the living room or a master bedroom.

Put on a Sweater

Perhaps the easiest way to stay warm when the furnace is out is to wear extra layers of clothing. You can also gather up all the blankets in your home and spend time bundled up under them until AC Mechanical, Inc in Cheyenne can help you. The folks at AC Mechanical, Inc can repair your furnace or install a new one if the current system is too old to be repaired.

Go to a Hotel

If you don’t feel comfortable staying at home while the heat is out, it may be a good idea to stay at a hotel for the night. Alternatively, you could stay with a family member or friend who has an extra bedroom or a couch that you could sleep on. Prior to leaving your house, be sure to check that your temporary home will allow your pet to stay there as well. If not, it may be necessary to put your animals in a kennel to keep them safe until your residence is warm again.

When your furnace breaks, give us a call right away. In addition to working on furnaces, we can also install water heaters and provide indoor air quality assessments. Our team spends time inspecting, repairing, and installing air conditioning products, too.

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