November 16, 2020

It’s stressful when your furnace breaks down. You’ll want to know how quickly it can be fixed and how much it’s going to cost.

Our professionals at AC Mechanical, Inc., are here to help when you need furnace repair in Cheyenne. With top-quality repairs backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we can help ease some of that stress.

Here are some of the most common parts for gas furnace repair and about how much you can expect them to cost.

Furnace Repair Costs

Here’s a list of average furnace repair costs by part, as compiled by Home Advisor. Keep in mind your exact cost may vary due to the brand and type of furnace you have.

Flame Sensor

Your furnace’s flame sensor is a safety mechanism that confirms your furnace has fired. It stops your furnace from letting off large amounts of natural gas if it’s not working properly. If the sensor is bad, it won’t be able to sense heat and will turn the furnace off.

The average cost to repair or replace a flame sensor is between $75–$200.


Your furnace’s transformer gives it the power it needs to run. The average cost to repair or replace a transformer is $100–$175.

Heat Exchanger

Your furnace’s heat exchanger plays a crucial part in keeping you safe. It’s where air gets heated before it circulates into your home. This part also prevents toxic gases, like carbon monoxide, from leaking into your home. Carbon monoxide is deadly in large concentrations.

The average cost to repair a heat exchanger is $100–$200. If you need to have this part replaced, the average cost for a new heat exchanger is $500–$1,500.


If your furnace is an older model with a pilot light, it relies on a thermocouple to shut off its gas valve if the flame goes out. The average cost to repair or replace a thermocouple is $100–$250.


Your thermostat controls your furnace. Without it, you won’t be able to get any heat. The average cost to replace a thermostat is $100–$600.

Blower Motor Capacitor

Your furnace’s blower motor is responsible for distributing air across your home after it’s been heated. The capacitor stores energy to spin the motor and get it going in your furnace. The average cost to repair or replace a blower motor capacitor is $150–$450.


Your furnace’s ignitor plays a critical part in the start-up process. As its name suggests, it ignites the gas your furnace turns to heat. The average cost to repair or replace an ignitor is $150–$300.

Relay Switch

A relay switch controls your furnace’s blower motor. The average cost to repair or replace a relay switch is $150–$300.

Control Board

Your furnace’s control board is like its brain. Just like its name, this part controls your furnace to safely provide heat. The average cost to repair or replace a control board is $200–$600.

Gas Valve

Gas valves control the flow of fuel to your furnace. When the valves aren’t opening and closing properly, your furnace will lock out to prevent unsafe operation. The average cost to repair or replace a gas valve is $200–$1,000.

Draft Inducer Motor

Your furnace’s draft inducer motor removes toxic gases like carbon monoxide from the heat exchanger. The average cost to repair or replace a draft inducer motor is $200–$1,500.

Flue Pipes

Your furnace uses flue pipes to exhaust gases outside your home. The average cost to repair or replace a flue pipe is $400–$800.

Blower Motor

Your furnace’s blower motor distributes warm air throughout your home. The average cost to repair or replace a blower motor is $400–$1,500.

Evaporator Coil

Your air conditioner relies on an evaporator coil inside your furnace. This part absorbs heat from the air in your home. The average cost to repair or replace an evaporator coil is $600–$2,000.

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

When you’re faced with a big repair bill, you might be questioning whether it’s better to repair or replace your furnace. We recommend replacing your furnace when repairs are more than half the cost of a new one.

The average furnace replacement cost is $2,150–$5,900, according to Home Advisor. The cost can vary so much based on the type of furnace you choose, as well as its energy-efficiency rating and special features.

So, if the cost is less than half that, it’s better to schedule furnace repair service. This is especially true if your furnace is newer.

Another thing to keep in mind is your furnace’s age. Most furnaces last for about 20 years, so if yours is getting close to that point, it might be time to plan for replacement.

A new furnace can keep your home more comfortable while keeping your energy bill low. That’s because new technology helps your furnace run more efficiently and more quietly. It also means your furnace will be compatible with the latest smart home technology, which could help you save even more on heating and cooling costs.

We know that furnace installation is expensive. And it can be a purchase that you’re not expecting. That’s why AC Mechanical offers rebates and financing for qualified buyers to make your furnace fit your budget.

As your local Lennox® Premier Dealer™, AC Mechanical provides furnace installation in Cheyenne that you can trust. We’re dedicated to providing the best workmanship and the highest level of customer service, because your comfort matters to us.

Whether you need 24/7 emergency furnace repair or want a free estimate for furnace installation cost, the professionals at AC Mechanical are here to help. We take pride in ensuring your home is comfortable year-round. Contact us at 307-778-0515 to schedule your appointment today.

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