July 16, 2019

A well-maintained water heater can last a long time. But like everything else, there comes the day when it needs to be replaced. How will you be able to tell when this happens? Even more importantly, how can you tell the water heater needs to be replaced before it dies completely and leaves you with no hot water? Here are some telltale signs:

1. A Spike in Utility Bills

You may notice that both your water bill and energy bill spike for what seems like no reason. This is a sign that the heater has sprung a leak. Leaks are easier to detect if the tank is somewhere inside the house.

2. Rushing Water Sounds and Other Odd Noises

A sound like a babbling brook coming from the basement or crawlspace is another sound that the water heater has a leak. Other noises to listen for are bangs, cracks, and rumbles. This means that there’s sediment on the bottom of the tank, and it has begun to harden and eat into the metal of the tank itself.

3. The Hot Water Looks Rusty

If rust-colored water is coming from the hot water spigot, this may mean the water heater is rusting from the inside out and is in danger of rupturing. In that case, it’s time to call our professionals at AC Mechanical, Inc. Another thing that can cause hot water to be rusty is rust in galvanized pipes. Our professionals can check to find out just where the rusty water is coming from.

4. The Hot Water is Muddy

This means that the tank is full of sediment. It is a sign of trouble but is not so problematic as rusty water. This is because the sediment can simply be flushed out of the tank, which can extend its life for a while.

5. There’s No Hot Water

This occurs for reasons that may not mean that the tank has reached its death, but it may indeed be a sign that the tank is nearing the end of its life.

If you think that it won’t be long before your water heater needs to be replaced, give our professionals at AC Mechanical, Inc a call. We can not only help with your plumbing but with your heating and cooling in Cheyenne as well.

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