Most homes in Cheyenne have forced air HVAC systems. These systems include a gas furnace and air conditioner, which use fuel to create heating and cooling. The furnace blower sends hot or cold air throughout your home via a metal ductwork system.

Another common type of HVAC system is an air-source heat pump. This all-in-one heating and cooling solution transfers heat from inside or outside your home. It works with an indoor air handler to distribute hot or cold air via the ductwork. Most systems have supplemental heat in case the heat pump can’t keep up with demand on cold days.

There’s also packaged systems. This setup is ideal for homes built on a crawl space or with limited indoor space. Packaged systems are installed on your roof or next to your house and provide heating and cooling. They’re available in gas and electrical configurations, so you can choose what makes the most sense for your situation. These systems distribute the air, so you won’t need a furnace or air handler indoors.