It’s normal for your HVAC system to make some noise as it starts and heats or cools your home. However, some noises aren’t normal. Be on the lookout for these and call AC Mechanical at 307-778-0515 for furnace repair or air conditioning repair if you hear them. We’re available around the clock through our 24/7 emergency service.

7 Furnace Noises That Aren’t Normal

  1. Clicking while heating (compressor or control panel)
  2. Grinding or scraping (worn bearings)
  3. Humming (fan or capacitor)
  4. Popping or banging (ductwork expansion or gas accumulation, which is a carbon monoxide risk)
  5. Rumbling (incomplete combustion, carbon monoxide risk)
  6. Squealing (blower motor)
  7. Thumping (blower wheel or motor)

6 Air Conditioning Noises That Aren’t Normal

  1. Banging, clanking, humming or rattling (loose part)
  2. Buzzing (electrical)
  3. Continuous clicking (blower fan, compressor or electrical)
  4. Gurgling (clogged drain line)
  5. Hissing or whistling (refrigerant leak)
  6. Squealing (compressor)