If your ductwork is popping when your furnace starts or stops, your furnace is probably fine. But your ductwork will need to be checked, because the popping noise is often a result of:

  • Uninsulated ductwork that rapidly expands when hot air from your furnace hits it.
  • Thin ductwork that can’t handle the air pressure.
  • Undersized ductwork that can’t handle the amount of air being pushed through it.

If your ductwork is uninsulated, sealing and insulating it can help. It may also lower your energy bill and keep you more comfortable. But if your ductwork is too thin, undersized or both, replacing it will take care of the popping noise.

If your furnace is making a popping sound and you haven’t had maintenance done lately, give us a call at 307-778-0515. Dirty burners can cause gas to build up and make a popping noise. The pressure from this gas buildup could crack your furnace’s heat exchanger and put you at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.